TEIXCHEL stands for Tejidos Ecológicos de Ixchel. Ixchel was the first weaver, our mother.  We weave as a reminder of who we are as women and as a reminder of our futures and pasts. This is why we weave exclusively with nontoxic ecodyes and natural dyes, because our land is not only ours, but that of the generations to come.



Who We Are 

Our association consists of  weavers from San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. Many are single mothers or widows and support their families through weaving.  

At TEIXCHEL we do not only weave because it sustains us economically, but we weave because it is our culture. The knowledge of why we as Maya weave and what it means has diminished dramatically and we hope, through our work, to revive the culture and tradition of weaving with every product we create and sell to you!


To keep alive and vibrant the weaving culture of our community and share it with outsiders who come to our town and are interested in the work of our artisans.  We maintain the ancestral art so it is not lost.  The colors used are those that have been used for generations, as is the process for creating the work. We strive to create a high quality product that reflects a cross between tradition and contemporary design.


To be a competitive organization which develops and transmits the ancestral knowledge of production and sales of ecological weavings. To produce high quality products which satisfy both national and international clients while bettering the well being, economically and communaly, of the associates.


The Artisans

Board of Directors


President, designer & founder


Vice President






Jesus (weaver & founder)


Magdalena (weaver & founder)







Artisan Support



Director-Volunteer (exports and communications)

Mirabai  Intern-Volunteer (marketing and communications)


Intern-Volunteer (marketing and communications)




Come visit us on the beautiful Lake Atitlán in Guatemala! We offer individual and group workshops from our storefront on:

  • Backstrap weaving
  • Natural dye 
  • Cosmovision Maya

Make your own:

  • Scarf
  • Shawl
  • Table runner or place mat set
  • Pillow 
  • Tassels (to add to your pillow or scarf!)

find us across the globe.

shop our products and custom designs through:

Cielo Collective | Queensland, Australia

Clothed in Victory | Illinois, United States

Designed for Joy | North Carolina, United States

Dénicheuse | Luxembourg

Elefante & Boa | Italy

Isiko | California, United States

Ko-op World | Washington, United States

Marie's Fair Trade Shop | Belgium

My Merkata | United States

Pacaya Designs | Spain

Wild Columbine | United States

Woven Futures | Florida, United States




We provide our products at wholesale to national and international retailers. Each product is packaged with a hang tag which is signed by the artisan who made it and tells the story of who we are.

Our product selection includes:

  • Scarves and Shawls

  • Clutches and Crossbodies

  • Keychains

  • Pillows

  • Cosmetic Bags and Travel Pouches

  • Home Decor

We are also able to make color adjustments to our product selection to fit the aesthetic of your store! You are also welcome to visit us here in Guatemala to get to know our process and become familiar with our dyeing and weaving process as well as the product selection.

To request a digital catalog, please contact us at teixchel@gmail.com.

Exclusive Client


We collaborate directly with designers at our home office in Guatemala, as well as over the internet. Designers seeking collaboration for exclusive products are passionate about representing both themselves and the work of our artisans in their work. Partner designers understand that handmade products and an involved design process take time as we are not a fast fashion business and pride ourselves in providing quality, ethically made products.

Services offered:

  • Backstrap weaving

  • Embroidery

  • Small scale brocade

  • Custom natural dye*

If you are interested in collaborating with us or visiting our Guatemala office in San Pedro La Laguna, please send us an email at teixchel@gmail.com

*Note: Because of color variation and the nature of the natural dye process,  the custom natural dye processes require the designer to visit us here in Guatemala during the process. This helps ensure the best possible outcome.

Volunteer or Intern


We are always looking for passionate, creative and hard-working individuals to collaborate with us to support our mission!

At Teixchel, we strongly believe in collaboration. Our marketing and design processes are the result of collaboration between our artisans and volunteers. Grants support us with start up capital to experiment with new colors, expand our production possibilities and allow us to bring in outside professionals to help us grow.

Our volunteers think critically about ethical fashion and what it means to be an artisan-owned association. We strive to provide you with an experience which will be mutually rewarding.


Visual Storytelling

For those passionate about photography, videography, marketing and/or graphic design.

You will visit the artisans as they work from home, get to know the community and attend community events. Aside from photography (if applicable), you will help run our social media accounts to share who we are. This position may also include networking.

Basic Spanish required.

Grant Writing

For those passionate about sharing our mission and vision through the written word.

You will be searching for and applying to grants and may attend local networking events for grants. You will also help document the artisans life stories as weavers and Maya women.


For those passionate about creating and collaborating through design.

You will be work alongside our head designer and current president, Doña Berta, to create new designs which honor and value tradition while weaving in a contemporary breath. Your work will also include fashion research on current market trends and giving workshops to the artisans to keep them abreast of the current market trends and colors.

Basic Spanish required.

Our Storefront

San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala

To Find Us:

Walk right up the hill from the Panajachel dock (passing the small intersection). We are just across the street from Cafe Cristalinas!


Contact Us

To contact us, please fill out the information to the right. We typically respond within 1-3 business days. 

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